[Watch] New Yellow Claw Music Video “Light Years” Gives Us Feeling We’re At Their Show

[Watch] New Yellow Claw Music Video “Light Years” Gives Us Feeling We’re At Their Show

To be honest, I had not heard about Yellow Claw until just this week. With “Light Years” I’m already a fan and look forward to the full release of their upcoming album Los Amsterdam. It’s going to drop March 31st. The title of the album refers to the duo’s roots in Amsterdam and their new home in Los Angeles.

Dutch DJ-Producer Duo Yellow Claw consists of DJs Jim Aasgier and Nizzle. They team up (for a second time) with Dutch singer Rochelle for this new track. The trio worked together previously on Yellow Claw’s successful single “Shotgun”. The video for “Shotgun” has over 100 million views since its release in 2013. “Light Years” is already sitting at almost 600,000 since it’s release two days ago. That tells me this is going to be a big hit – and it’s coming out just in time to get us all pumped up for the spring festivals.


In the song, Rochelle sings of a powerful and passionate attraction. The couple in the song can be “light years away” and still find each other.

The lyrics lend themselves to people’s desire to feel connected to other people. Music and dancing in a group is a great way to do that. The drop in “Light Years” is one you can’t help but dance to, so Yellow Claw is giving us just what Rochelle is singing about.

The video for “Light Years” takes place in a Japanese city of neon lights and technology. It’s a perfect backdrop for a high-energy EDM track like “Light Years”. Yellow Claw also said that with the “Light Years” music video that wanted to capture the feeling of, when you’re living in the moment, time can feel like it’s moving both fast and slow. Well, they accomplish that and, to me, it makes me feel like I’m at Yellow Claw’s show, feeling as connected with the rest of the crowd as the couple in “Light Years” are to each other.

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