You Will Never Look At This Cocktail Drink The Same: Tom & Collins

You Will Never Look At This Cocktail Drink The Same: Tom & Collins

By just adding the ‘and’ in Tom Collins, you don’t have your ordinary mix drink, instead you have your mix of deep house, techno, and house music by Tom & Collins. George (the tall one) and Juan Pablo (scruffy bearded one) got their Dj name from their favorite drink, and been catching every ones attention ever since.

After asking a few questions of my own, I see why the fans are being won over by the famous Mexican Dj’s.

When you come to a disagreement, how do you settle it?
“We always talk about it before it becomes a fight. We usually write things down and do a meeting to discuss points of view. It’s key to have a healthy professional relationship.”

When you are not producing music, what do you do in your free time?
“It feels lately that we don’t have free time haha. Either we are on a plane or in the studio. But when we get a little free time we both like to enjoy time with friends and family.”tom-and-collins

Where do prefer performing in the club or at music festival?
“Both are really cool. Festivals have a lot of energy on a shorter amount of time and in clubs we like that you have more time to create a music journey.”

What do you want your fans to take away from your music?
“An emotional experience with a good aftertaste. We like not being the typical Dj duo.”

You posted on your Facebook “People want to hear songs with the words they are afraid to say” Do you plan on producing songs with lyrics?
“Yes definitely our upcoming EP is really vocal. Can’t wait to release it.”

If you could work with any DJ or collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?
“Disclosure or gorgon city. We identify with both their sounds and it has definitely influenced us. Love a good baseline and undeniable groove.”

Tom and Collins are both very humble, creative, and dedicated to their music and most importantly their fans. Two very passionate and unique individuals who started as good friends, now working hard side by side to provide you with their next single called ‘Mutual.’ And yes ladies sadly Juan Pablo is taken, but George on the other hand, is still available. Cheers to that!

If you need any more indication how humble the duo is you can read it right on there website in a message that states:

“We need you to listen for just a second.

We don’t care if you only shop at thrift stores. And we don’t care if you read nothing but classic novels. It is not important to us whether you are thirteen or thirty four, foreign or native, thin or overweight straight or gay. We will not judge you. It does not matter to us what kind of haircut you have, what sort of statement you’re making while you lead a vegan lifestyle or if you love steaks and fried eggs. Love sex, hate drugs, do cocaine, listen to Indie Rock or Pop music. We are not interested in how superior your taste in underground music is. We couldn’t care less if you’re wearing Urban Outfitters jeans, thrift shoes, or a Hollister polo. It is not important to us whether you are a writer, a dreamer, a painter, a gas station clerk, or if you’re living off food stamps. We don’t give a shit if you’re a hippie, a half-assed hipster, an atheist, a devoted Christian, wealthy, dirty, Catholic, homeless, Jewish, Buddhist, a smoker, a drinker, clean, or shy. We will not judge you. It doesn’t matter to us how extensive your vocabulary may be, which independent films you’ve seen, what books you’ve read, how your IQ is. We will still open this door for you, because that is what makes sense to us. This is what has always made sense to us. Our music is for anyone who wants to enjoy and for everyone who wants to party.”

This text was adapted by TOM & COLLINS from its original version, the real author is unknown.

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