[Listen] Zhu Throws Back to 2000s EDM Sounds in “Nightcrawler”

[Listen] Zhu Throws Back to 2000s EDM Sounds in “Nightcrawler”

Chinese-American house producer and singer Zhu has been blowing up the scene since early 2014. Now, in early 2017, Zhu continues to blow up the scene with his first release since last year’s Generationwhy. Despite this success Zhu maintains an air of mystery over who he really is and what he looks like.

The tonality of “Nightcrawler” is pretty dark, but that’s what you’d expect from a track with that name. The album art adds to that feeling, a grainy black and white image of a man in a fedora. The contrast in the image is high and we cannot see his face at all. The image takes much from the style of Film Noir, which in known for its dark themes. The low tones and staccato violin notes that start the track give it a cinematic feel. Then, the synth kicks in. The synth and the slow layering in of percussion are reminiscent of the techno I was listening to in the mid 2000s. The track quickly picks up a driving beat and you can’t help but move.

“Nightcrawler” has already been played over a half million times on Spotify since its release less than a week ago. This is on track to be another big hit for Zhu. If this single is a sign of the direction he’s going to take with his next album, then we know it’s going to dark, gritty, and great to dance to. I’m definitely going to keep my ears open for news on that.

Zhu will be performing at next month’s Phoenix Lights Festival. I’m really looking forward to seeing him perform “Nightcrawler” on April 8th. I can tell the crowd is really going to get into this song and we are all going to vibe. When I see Zhu at Phoenix Lights I know I’m going to be dancing through the night, not crawling.

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